Montgomery man arrested for interfering with child custody | News

A possible kidnapping at the Tallassee Walmart was quickly cleared up by the Tallassee Police Department on Wednesday.

Tallassee Police Department dispatchers received a call around 6:00 p.m. about a one-year-old child who may have been abducted from the store parking lot. The officials reacted quickly.

“During a call with the mother of the kidnapped child, a local witness was able to contact the victim’s grandmother, who told Tallassee Police officers that the child was safe and that the suspect, who drove away with the child in the vehicle, has returned to her resides outside of the Tallassee Police Department’s jurisdiction,” said Tallassee Police Chief Todd Buce. “Based on the information obtained during this investigation, the officers of the apartment where the suspect was taken into custody without incident responded for further investigation.”

Latevin Gloss, 32, of Montgomery, was arrested and charged with child custody interference, third-degree domestic violence assault and unauthorized use of a vehicle. Gloss was released from the Elmore County Jail Thursday afternoon after posting $51,000 bail.

“The Tallassee Police Department would like to thank everyone who assisted us in the arrest of this suspect and the safe return of the child to his family,” Buce said. “The Tallassee Police Department also wants anyone who personally witnessed this event and is willing to make a statement to contact us at 334.283-6586. Any information gathered could be helpful in the decision and prosecution process. In closing, I would like to thank you all for your concern and continued prayers for this family as they endure this traumatic event.”

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