MoVal lady allegedly shoots ex throughout custody swap

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A 42-year-old woman suspected of shooting her ex-boyfriend during a custody battle in the Moreno Valley was held on Wednesday on bail for $ 500,000.

Donata Marquel Hardy of the Moreno Valley was admitted to Robert Presley Prison in Riverside on Tuesday on suspicion of a lethal weapon attack, endangering children and terrorist threats.

According to Riverside County’s Sheriff’s Sgt. Nathan Kaas, Hardy’s ex-partner, came to her apartment on the 2300 block on Breezy Way to pick up a child the suspect and victim had shared custody of when a confrontation broke out around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Hardy fired at least one shot during the encounter, Kaas claimed.

He said the victim, whose name was withheld, immediately withdrew and called 911. The man was not injured.

The sergeant said the neighborhood had been temporarily locked and three children were safely removed from the property.

Hardy was questioned and eventually arrested and sent to jail.

There was no word on whether the children were being held in protective custody or released to family members.

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