MPs discover a GPS monitoring gadget hooked up to a patrol automotive

By Suzie Ziegler

DURHAM COUNTY, NC — North Carolina lawmakers discovered a GPS tracking device attached to one of their vehicles last week, according to WRAL.

The discovery was made when two employees were hooking up a hitch, Durham County Sheriff Mike Andrews said.

“It appears that this may have been done with some sort of malicious intent to track who or where this vehicle was,” Andrews said. “Someone maneuvering this far to get to the vehicle where it was parked at the time the tracker was placed is kind of alarming.”

The agency says MPs executed a search warrant in 2021 on a theft suspect who joked about putting a tracker on an MP’s truck and made threatening phone calls to MPs, the report said. It is unclear if this suspect is linked to this incident.

The device found was a Logistimatics 4G LTE 200 MOBILE Global Positioning Tracker, the report said.

No charges have been filed and the incident remains under investigation.

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