‘Mr Shah ghatiya nahi hai’ followers disagree; Remind Anu of his infidelity and extra – watch tweets

Anupamaa is one of the most watched television programs in the country. It stars Rupali Ganguly, Sudhanshu Pandey, Madalsa Sharma and Gaurav Khanna as Anupamaa, Vanraj, Kavya and Anuj Kapadia. And recently we saw Aneri Vajani stepping on the show as Malvika, Anuj’s sister. And now the dynamic between Shahs and Kapadias has changed. Malvika is associated with Vanraj. Malvika shocked Anuj when it was discovered that she was his business partner. We later saw Malvika insist on living with Vanraj in the Shah’s house. Although Aanupamaa has handled the matter so far, Anuj is very worried about his sister. Now, in the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, we are going to see Anu trying to calm Anuj down as he is very worried.

Anu will say, “Mr. Shah galat ho sakte hai, par wo ghatiya nahi hai. (Mr. Shah may be wrong, but he’s not cheap).” Those who saw the episode on the OTT app are furious at this statement from Anupamaa. Fans have disagreed with Anupamaa’s opinion on Vanraj. Fans of the show remind her that he is the same Vanraj who had an affair behind her back for 9 years, who murdered her character in front of her children and more. Fans are appalled that Anupamaa doesn’t remember everything she had to deal with because of Vanraj. Check out her Twitter reactions here:

Today the cute # MaAn scene couldn’t influence me at all because of this V-not-Ghatiya scene. @ketswalawalkar ma’am please don’t spoil everything for the sake of Vs whitewash. It’s the story of #Anupamaa, you udaan not of V ??

– rachna (@rachnasim) December 28, 2021

Most ITV FLs end up going for stupid and spineless partners, but in this case Anuj does. What else was Vanraj supposed to do with Anupama that he calls ‘Ghatiya’? #Anupamaa

– Sharon? (@ Johnlock_221B_) December 28, 2021

Aj #Anupamaa ne Bola ki vaner raaj galat h lekin ghatiya nhi nhi …. I am disappointed as hell with this #Anupamaa line with us makers .. ?? @ketswalawalkar

– Ramandeep Kaur (@ Ramande75135468) December 28, 2021

After all the psychological trauma of abandoning his wife, cheating on her, playing all the dirty games, insulting her, emotionally abusing her, treating her like a wicked doormat, he gets a clean shit with “WOH GHATIYA NEAR HAIN “how on earth is that fair? #Anupamaa

– Vee Tunes (unesTunesVee) December 28, 2021

Subah se soch rahi hu, Ghatiya aadmi kaun hota hai ???
Jitna mujhe pata tha uske according to V na kewal Ghatiya but Gira hua insaan hai? #Anupamaa serves (K) karma boomerangs to a female and V gets a clean slip of paper, yes? V is a man that’s y Kya?

– rachna (@rachnasim) December 28, 2021

#anupamaa boli vanraj ghatiya aadmi nahi hai.matlab wo ema ko galat nahin bata rahi hai.khud sacrifice bol rahi hai ghatiya nahin hai

– priyadarshini sushreesangita (@PSushreesangita) December 28, 2021


– Gold Rush ✨ (@ ughmylife317) December 28, 2021

Maybe Anu is delusional? naive? Have amnesia? or all 3 to say that ki mr shah is not ghatiya BUT THE AUDIENCE DON’T FORGET THE MANUFACTURERS. Yes, they are literally trying to change history, it’s not nice to whitewash GOD! And Anu who is his victim to say that he may say ki bura but not ghatiya ??? #Anupamaa

– Gold Rush ✨ (@ ughmylife317) December 28, 2021


# Vanraj has been having an affair for 8 years, playing happy families
He said she smelled like masala so he didn’t go near her
He treated her like a doormat

# Anupama says: “voh Ghatiya nahin.”

Abuse hypnotism pic.twitter.com/Oeh8wzrHlt

– Anita (@ Anita12829195) December 28, 2021

So #Anupamaa believes that V is not Ghatiya !! ? If an abusive male chauvinist pig isn’t Ghatiya then she should find a guy like V just for her pakhi …
And I thought it was a women empowerment show !!! ?
Anuj is absolutely right to distrust V.

– rachna (@rachnasim) December 28, 2021

#Anupamaa You can worry about Kavya, but Anuj can’t worry about his sister? if she works with selfish vanraj. How come he should take a chill pill?
If Vanraj is not Ghatiya, why did you address him as Ravan? M will leave AK when she learns he’s not happy 1/3

– Mansi Chitkara (@mansi_chitkara) December 28, 2021

The funny thing is that she will never know him kyuki wo kucch bhi karle wo ghatiya nhi ho sakta ?? Isko yaad dilao, how he accused her of sleeping with Anuj that rainy night? #Anupamaa https://t.co/CaEE50LmSO

– ??? ‘? ?????? ???? ♡ (obsobtian_pushp) December 28, 2021

Anu: Mr. Shah galat ho skte h, par wo ghatiya nhi h!
I am like: behen pls ghatiya aur galat k beeche ka difference samjhke aao?

Vanraj jaisa ghatiya insan pure itv my koi nhi hoga? #Anupamaa

– MaAn Fan (@MaAn_Anupamaa) December 28, 2021

When will #Anupamaa ki vanar raj ghatiya bhi hai understand. ? #AnujKapadia understands v more than Anu.

– Akanksha ⚡ (@ jakanksha92) December 28, 2021

Vanraj looked like a Tommy boy
The finest clowning.
Ghatiya aadmi # Anupamaa https://t.co/Ef5Lm5jitv

– Joo (@ njyothi81) December 17, 2021

In the latest episode of Anupamaa, we saw Kavya get jealous when Malvika impressed everyone in the Shah’s house. Anuj tells Anupamaa that he loves Mukku the most. He adds that he loves her the most too. He asks her never to leave her. Anupamaa has already fallen in love with Anuj. She’s just waiting for the right opportunity to admit her feelings. Even MaAn fans are waiting for MaAn reunion

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