Mumbai Shocker: Indignant man stabs 12-year-old daughter to demise in Chembur after an argument together with his spouse over suspected infidelity

New Delhi, August 27th: In a shocking incident, a man in Mumbai reportedly stabbed his 12-year-old daughter with a knife after an argument with his wife. The 34-year-old accused reportedly suspected his wife of infidelity and, in a fit of rage, attacked his daughter five times with a knife and fled on the spot. According to a report by TOI, the incident occurred on Wednesday night in the Chembur district of Mumbai. Madhya Pradesh: 28-year-old man killed in Indores Mhow of personal enmity.

Shortly after the incident became known, a complaint was filed with the Tilak Nagar Police Department, prompting Kamlesh Solanki to be charged with attempted murder of his daughter. The victim of the attack, ie. the man’s daughter, is identified as a bhakti. The report informs that Solanki suspected his wife of infidelity, which led to many problems between the couple. Rajkot: Man kidnaps sister because she married against his will; Arrested.

Tired of fighting with her husband, Solanki’s wife Mamta decided to stay with her mother. She took her daughter with her and stayed with her parents. The incident reportedly happened while she was returning home from her parents’ house. The TOI report informs that Solanki attacked his daughter five times with a knife on Wednesday evening in Siddharth Nagar in Chembur and fled on the spot.

The badly bleeding girl was taken to the hospital by her mother and neighbors, where she is being treated. Solanki reportedly took the extreme step as he was angry that the girl was leaving with her mother.

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