My husband was trustworthy when he was poor – spouse is leaving for infidelity

“The court hereby declares the dissolved marriage between Stephanie and Geofrey Ode.

“You two stop being husband and wife from now on.

“Each of you should go your own way unmolested; the court wishes you both all the best in your future endeavors. ”

Koledoye handed over custody of the three children Stephanie and ordered Geofrey Paying N 20,000 a month for their diet and also being responsible for their education and wellbeing.

The 39-year-old trader Stephanie had previously appealed to the court to end her marriage because she accused her husband of adultery.

“My husband was a loving, caring, and loyal man from when he was poor until he got rich.

“A businessman from London sent him cars and motorcycles for sale. As the money poured in, he started flirting with different women.

“He comes home late and drunk, sometimes he doesn’t come home for days.”

The petitioner said that Geofrey does not take care of her or the children.

The mother of three accused husband of abandonment.

She asked the court to dissolve the marriage and allow her to repay the bride price according to her custom.

The Nigerian News Agency (NAN) reports that the defendant, who was properly informed of the lawsuit against him via the internet, was not in court and did not send a legal representative.

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