Nana Akua Addo breaks down speaking about infidelity in her marriage

It was a beautiful interview on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review Show on Saturday. A description trumpeted by presenter Kwasi Aboagye, his panelists Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo, Socrate Safo, Rex Omar, Kwesi Ennin and the audience when they claimed that Nana Akua Addo showed a high level of maturity in the manner how they responded to the questions and answers also behave – GhanaWeb observed.

She had revealed, among other things, how she had become a fashionista, actress, and wife over the past thirteen years, and responded to a number of allegations, including allegations by Aisha Modi that she had badmouthed Kenyan singer Victoria Kimani.

However, a soft spoken Nana Akua Addo got emotional and shed tears in the final part of her session as Counselor Lutterodt wanted to find out if she could stand or enjoy a marriage and what advice she would give to people who might encounter who she was in the To overcome situation – a question that was a consequence of the statement of the fashionista that she fought against infidelity.

“Some of the most difficult situations I have faced in marriage could be infidelity, which is very common these days. If someone listens, we made different choices because of our daughters. I am not trying to advise anyone that if you encounter such a situation, you should imitate my decision. You must make a decision based on what is spiritually good for you and the children. And always keep in mind that as much as the man did, it outweighs the good things that are embedded in him. And for that I give it to my partner; He was always there for me and my children, no matter what, so we always rise above it, ”she said.

“Sometimes our work is such that our men are forced to do it [do stuff];; I am not defending it, but when it happens I resort to prayer. My life coach told me that you can’t have it all … Where your inner peace is, the devil will hit you harder. I healed myself and stayed away from social media. We built, forgave, and tried to move on. Marriage is like a race now; It’s not about who wins, it’s about how resilient you are to endure any pain that comes with it, ”added Nana Akua Addo.

However, it seemed that Advisor Lutterodt needed a yes or no answer. According to him, a number of celebrities have downplayed the essence of marriage, which is why he tries to find out how she views marriage from Nana Akua Addo.

“My problem is, 13 years of marriage… most of your colleagues have said that marriage is not important. What has kept you there all these years? Do you endure pain or do you have something that can encourage the rest of people that marriage is sweet? “He asked.

In response, Nana Akua Addo said, “Everyone and the situation they face in their marriage. I said we both get along. I come from a broken home … My life coach listened to my situation, put my cards on the table and asked me which path you would like to take. You can go, but if you do you will not have changed the narrative in your family. Look at the children and judge your husband whether his good deeds outweigh his lack.

“Yes, there was an infidelity problem, but we chose to fight it instead of going our separate ways. I can talk about it now. It’s been years since I’ve been broken, I’ve been put together, I’ve been healed, I’ve seen therapists; So that I can sit down and talk about it, it shows that this is a healed woman. I’ve been through a lot, ”she said tearfully, admitting that marriage is indeed sweet.

A satisfied Lutterodt remarked: “Marriage is sweet. That’s all I wanted her to convey because there is too much “marriage is bad” in the industry. But where she comes from, she made us realize that marriage is sweet. “

Watch the video below from 1 hour 47 minutes

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