Nathan Wade has $500,000 in the bank to pay spousal support

Former Donald Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade has nearly $500,000 in the bank despite claiming he has been unable to pay spousal support since losing his job, new court documents say.

In a motion filed in Wade's divorce case, estranged wife Joycelyn Wade claims that “funds… totaling at least $495,000” were deposited into Wade's trust account in 2022 and 2023.

In documents obtained by The Post, Joycelyn Wade alleges that the funds “were not fully transferred to his operating accounts, suggesting accumulation rather than dependence on these funds.”

Wade and Willis admitted to having a romantic relationship, but claimed it began after she hired him to lead the Trump investigation. REUTERS

Wade, who was forced to resign as special prosecutor in the Georgia case after revelations of his affair with District Attorney Fani Willis, had previously claimed that losing the prosecutor job meant he had no income and could no longer pay Joycelyn the amount agreed to in January , an agreement he only made after his relationship with Willis came to light.

“With the income out [Wade’s] Employment as a special prosecutor is no longer possible and with income [his] Private practices are shrinking, [he] is no longer able to meet … the financial obligations set forth in the restraining order,” Wade’s divorce attorney M. Scott Kimbrough wrote in papers filed last week.

But Joycelyn's legal team doesn't believe it.

Wade requests an emergency hearing from his wife Joycelyn Wade in his divorce case so he can reduce his child support payments to Joycelyn, but she claims he is still rich. @purevinesfreshwines

“Plaintiff reported receiving significant private practice income in 2022 and 2023,” her attorneys wrote. “In addition, plaintiff testified that he received cash payments from private practice clients…Plaintiff has more than adequate resources to meet his obligations.”

Joycelyn's lawyers also pointed out that, according to his own court admission, Wade claimed that his income consisted of 60% of his work on the Trump case and 40% of his work as a private lawyer. They asked the court to deny his request to modify alimony and order him to pay attorney fees.

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Wade earned $250 an hour for prosecuting the case against Trump and more than a dozen co-defendants.

He was hired by Willis in 2021 in her official role with the Fulton County District Attorney's Office.

Although they denied being lovers at the time, witnesses have previously testified that their romance had already begun.

During the investigation into Wade's affair with Willis, it was revealed that he earned more than $700,000 while working for the district attorney's office. While working on the case, he spent thousands on lavish trips for himself and Willis to the Caribbean and Central America.

Wade says that since he resigned from his position as special prosecutor following his affair scandal with prosecutor Fani Willis (above), he has no longer been able to afford the payments he agreed to with Joycelyn in January. via REUTERS

Wade and Willis made national headlines in January when Trump co-defendant Mike Roman disclosed their romantic relationship in court documents. Roman asked that Willis be removed from the case because of the alleged misconduct.

Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee ruled that the appearance of misconduct by Wade and Willis was enough to require the resignation of one of them. Wade resigned as special prosecutor on the same day as McAfee's decision, while Willis remains in her post.

After the verdict, Joycelyn subpoenaed Willis in the divorce proceedings, hoping to prove her estranged husband's lavish spending while pleading destitute.

Wade and his wife reached a tentative agreement weeks later, before Willis was due to testify.

Although Willis remains involved in the case, lawyers for Trump and his co-defendants have repeatedly asked that she be removed from the case.

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