Nathan Wade tries to reduce child support payments to his ex-wife

Nathan Wade has been pleading poverty since losing his election fraud case against Donald Trump and is trying to evade paying child support to his estranged wife, new court documents show.

Wade, who was forced to resign from his post as special prosecutor in the Georgia case after his affair with District Attorney Fani Willis was reveled, says he can no longer afford to comply with the terms of a temporary agreement he made with his wife, Joycelyn Wade, less than three months ago, the filing said.

“With the income from [Wade’s] employment as a special prosecutor, and with income from [his] the number of private practices is reduced, [he] is no longer able to … meet the financial obligations set forth in the temporary restraining order,” Wade's divorce attorney M. Scott Kimbrough wrote in documents filed Monday.

Disgraced former Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade is complaining about poverty and trying to avoid paying child support to his wife, new court documents show. Getty Images

Wade is requesting a special hearing in his divorce case against his wife, Joycelyn Wade, so that he can reduce his alimony payments to her. @purevinesfreshwines

Wade was paid $250 an hour by the Fulton County District Attorney to conduct the case against Trump and more than a dozen co-defendants.

During the investigation into his affair, it emerged that he had earned over $700,000 while working for the prosecutor's office and had spent thousands on luxurious trips for himself and Fani to the Caribbean, Central America and California.

However, he is now requesting a special hearing to reduce his spousal support, expenses and financial obligations that he agreed to pay Joycelyn in a tentative agreement reached on January 30 in the Cobb County divorce proceedings.

With this request, Wade is responding to allegations made by his wife of over 20 years, Joycelyn, who accused him last week of refusing to pay child support for their two children, as well as money for rent and for her urgent medical treatment.

She claimed she spent all her money – which she would have used for a much-needed operation – on her son and daughter after Wade abruptly cut them off and told them to “get the money from their mother,” according to the newspapers.

Joycelyn was left with less than $1,000 a month after Wade stopped paying her, and she needed the money to finance her deteriorating health, which also prevented her from working, she claimed.

Wade broke his promise to financially support his son as he attempted to become a professional footballer in Europe, to pay his daughter's rent and to help her prepare for medical school entrance exams, Joycelyn claimed.

Joycelyn's lawyers even asked a judge to put Wade behind bars until he paid the money owed.

Wade says he can no longer afford the payments he agreed to with Joycelyn in January since he resigned from his position as special counsel following his affair scandal with District Attorney Fani Willis (above). via REUTERS

Wade and Willis came into the national spotlight when Trump's co-defendant Mike Roman disclosed their romantic relationship in court documents in January and attempted to have Willis thrown out of the case for alleged misconduct.

Joycelyn then subpoenaed Willis in the divorce proceedings, claiming that Wade was skimping on his alimony payments while treating Willis to luxurious vacations.

However, Willis ultimately did not testify in the divorce proceedings after Wade and his wife reached a tentative agreement weeks later.

Judge Scott McAfee said Willis could remain on the Trump case as long as Nathan Wade resigned – which he did the same day. AP

Wade and Willis admitted to having a romantic relationship, but claimed it began after she hired him to lead the Trump investigation. REUTERS

However, the two prosecutors ultimately had to testify in court about their relationship in the Trump case. They admitted to dating for a while, but claimed their tryst only began after Willis hired Wade.

The duo also claimed that they roughly split the cost of their vacation: Wade paid the bills with his credit card and Willis paid him back her share in cash.

Still, Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee said even the appearance of wrongdoing by Wade and Willis was enough for one of them to resign. Wade resigned the same day McAfee made the decision.

Trump and many of his co-defendants are appealing McAfee's decision and asking the high court to push Willis out of the case. The Georgia Court of Appeals has not yet announced whether it will hear the case before trial.

A lawyer for Joycelyn did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday morning.

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