Nathan Wade was convicted of attempting to reduce child support after a $53,000 check

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May 22, 2024

May 22, 2024, 3:27 p.m. ET

Scandal-ridden former Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade came under fire from his estranged wife for receiving paychecks totaling more than $53,000 just days before pleading poverty in their Georgia divorce proceedings.

Joycelyn Wade made the allegations against ex-Nathan just days before he made a shocking appearance for his former flame, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, at a primary victory party on Tuesday – a relationship that cost Wade his job.

Wade resigned from his post as special counsel in the election fraud case against Donald Trump in the US state of Georgia on March 15 after a judge ruled that Willis could only remain in charge of the case if he resigned after the couple admitted to having had a romantic relationship while working on the case.

Joycelyn Wade claims her estranged husband Nathan Wade whined about poverty for three days after receiving over $50,000 in paychecks for his work on the Trump impeachment case. @purevinesfreshwines

Less than a month later, Wade filed a motion to reduce his child support and alimony payments to Joycelyn, claiming he had lost his $250 hourly wages to the prosecutor's office.

But Joycelyn's lawyers filed court documents Thursday alleging that Wade received two paychecks totaling $53,000 from Fulton County for his work on the Trump case – just three days after he filed the emergency motion to reduce his child support payments.

“There seems to be no other plausible explanation than [Wade’s] “He invokes fraudulent intent to justify his request for injunctive relief from this court on April 8, 2024, essentially claiming insolvency even though he had received $53,000 just three days earlier,” wrote Andrea Hastings, one Attorney from Joyceyln.

Wade was forced to resign as special prosecutor in the Trump Georgia voter fraud case because of his romantic relationship with District Attorney Fani Willis. Brynn Anderson/Pool via USA TODAY NETWORK

Joycelyn said the $53,000 checks from Fulton County were for work he did in October and November 2023 – nearly half a year before his March 15 resignation.

“It can therefore be assumed that further payments are outstanding due to [Wade] which have probably not been paid out at this point,” Hastings argued.

Hastings called Wade's motion “baseless” and said he would have to pay Joycelyn's legal fees incurred in fighting the motion.

Joycelyn also previously criticized Wade's request to reduce his child support payments, arguing he has nearly $500,000 in the bank.

Former special prosecutor Nathan Wade makes a shocking appearance before Willis speaks after winning re-election in the primary. AP

The Wades had reached a tentative agreement in January regarding Nathan's child support payments to Joycelyn. But in early April, Joycelyn claimed that Nathan had failed to pay $4,400 in child support and money for Joycelyn's urgent medical treatments.

Wade's affair with Willis came into the national spotlight in January after Trump's co-defendant Mike Roman sought to have Willis removed from the trial and charges against him dropped due to alleged misconduct in the affair.

What you should know about the trial of District Attorney Fani Willis

  • Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is accused of embezzling state and federal funds and having an “inappropriate” relationship with Special Counsel Nathan Wade.
  • Willis admitted to having a “personal relationship” with Wade, but said that due to the trial of former President Donald Trump, that relationship only became romantic after 2022.
  • Willis hired Wade to work on the Trump case and paid him $654,000 in 2022, according to Trump co-defendant Michael Roman.
  • Trump and his co-defendants want to exclude Willis from the trial and drop all charges related to the state's comprehensive anti-racketeering law (RICO).
  • The defense has presented dozens of pings from Wade's cellphone that placed it at Willis' rented apartment before 2022. A former girlfriend of Willis' who owned the apartment testified that she saw the two “hugging” and “kissing” in 2019.
  • On March 15, a judge ruled that Willis could remain in office and continue the Georgia election interference case against Trump and his co-defendants for allegedly attempting to overturn the outcome of the 2020 election if Wade resigns.

The explosive allegations derailed the criminal case and led to hearings in which both Wade and Willis testified in the case, claiming that they began a romance after Wade began working for Willis.

Roman claimed Willis appointed her boyfriend to the lucrative position and then profited from his salary by treating her to exotic vacations.

The 52-year-old prosecutor, who was first elected to office in 2020, faces multiple investigations by state and federal lawmakers over her alleged misuse of taxpayer funds and her affair with Wade. via REUTERS

The two independently testified that they roughly split the cost of their outings, with Wade paying the cost on his credit card and Willis paying him back her share in cash.

The couple said they then separated in the summer of 2023.

According to a post on

However, Willis is not out of the woods yet.

The 52-year-old prosecutor, who was first elected to office in 2020, is the subject of numerous investigations by state and federal parliaments over alleged misappropriation of taxpayers' money and her affair with Wade.

Attorneys for Nathan and Joycelyn Wade did not immediately respond to requests for comment Wednesday.

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