New Jersey woman still paying child support to ex who won Powerball

As Valentine’s Day approaches, conversation turns into love. Relationships are a fun thing. They require a lot of work and a healthy amount of give and take.

Look around your circle of friends and there always seems to be that one couple that everyone looks at and thinks, “Why on earth does he/she stay with him/her?”

That was probably the case with a couple from New Jersey, Mike and Eileen.

They met almost 20 years ago and the first hint of what might happen next was when Mike proposed to Eileen… at a QuickChek grocery store. Okay, maybe I’m being harsh, but a supermarket?

According to, Mike and Eileen got married and the marriage actually lasted 15 years. They ended their marriage in 2019. As with many couples dissolving their marriage, money was a source of trouble.

Throughout the marriage, Eileen was the breadwinner. As the story goes, Mike was reportedly unemployed for most of their marriage. Again, outsiders must have wondered what she saw in him, but they lasted 15 years so he couldn’t be that bad.

Unfortunately, after 15 years, Mike and Eileen filed for divorce. Eileen was sentenced by the court to pay Mike child support for five years. To an outsider, that may sound absurd. As my parents would say, “One day he’ll have his.”

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Prostock Studio

Oh he did, but you won’t believe what happened next. Just months after the divorce, Mike returned to the same QuickChek he proposed to Eileen. Mike bought a Mega Millions lottery ticket.

Mike has achieved great success with this ticket. Mike won $273 million. You’d think that after supporting Mike for all these years, she’d want to be a part of the action. Incredibly, that is not the case. Eileen just wants to stop paying child support.

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