New York custody legal professional Ryan Besinque discusses co-parenting for joint custody dad and mom

New York custody attorney Ryan Besinque publishes a new article ( detailing co-parenting practices for parents be declared joint custody of their children. The attorney mentions that co-parenting can be an ideal and successful arrangement for children, especially when the parents are willing to work together for the children’s needs.

The New York custody attorney points out, “The biggest factor in a successful co-parenting relationship, or any relationship for that matter, is communication. The ability to share information and ideas is a must when it comes to raising children, whether in the same household or in separate households. Quick phone calls, text messages, and emails are the best tools for sharing information. […] Parents who cannot communicate without making personal comments to the other parent, gaslighting, trying to rehash the past, assigning blame, or using verbal abuse will not be successful co-parents.”

Parents who can communicate successfully can cooperate. Meeting the expectations of complying with a parenting agreement or court order for custody and access is important not only for the children but also for the co-parent. Reliability regarding parental responsibility would help avoid disappointment. Attorney Besinque adds that consistently meeting expectations would help parents have time for work and personal matters and take breaks when both parents are cooperative.

Attorney Besinque explains that collaboration, the act of working together with someone to create something, can be applied to co-parenting. Parents work together to have happy, healthy children. A collaborative effort in parenting ensures children learn from the values ​​set by their parents. Children’s lives can be enriched by allowing children to attend family events during a parent’s allotted parenting time. By prioritizing the best interests of the children, co-parents can maintain stability.

Compromise is also a key factor in successful co-parenting. “Successful co-parents will be able to roll the punches and accept the occasional loss (of parental leave, decision-making, vacation) with the understanding that compromise is usually just a temporary concession that furthers the long-term goal of stability for the children and the common parental relationship. To that end, compromises should be reciprocated so that neither party feels like a doormat and isn’t taken advantage of,” says the Manhattan custody attorney.

Finally, attorney Ryan Besinque emphasizes that every family is unique. When it comes to child custody issues, it is important to seek the help of an experienced attorney. An experienced child custody attorney should be able to discuss the unique aspects of a family case.

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