New York fathers’ rights attorneys Ethan Steward and Martin Mohr focus on the daddy’s rights in a toddler custody case

New York fathers’ rights attorneys Ethan Steward and Martin Mohr publish a new article ( explaining the father’s rights in a child custody case. The lawyers note that while many things have changed over the past few decades, mothers are often viewed as their children’s primary caregivers. In a custody battle, both parents must come to an agreement that is in the best interests of their children.

The New York Paternity Attorneys article states: “Prior to the 1970s, custody cases in the United States were decided by courts under a legal doctrine known as the Maternal Preferred Law. This doctrine assumed that the mother was the best person for custody. Fathers’ rights activists and fathers’ advocates, who cited 14th Amendment civil rights violations, challenged this doctrine. They have been able to successfully eliminate explicit gender bias in state law.”

The attorneys note that no-fault divorce laws are widespread and that the assumption that mothers are primary custodians allows mothers to take custody of their children despite father objections. Most courts do not respect the father’s rights in a divorce.

Lawyer Martin Mohr says a father’s rights are the same as a mother’s or a spouse’s rights. Both parents should have equal rights when it comes to child support, spousal support, legal and physical custody of children, visitation rights, and marital property. The court should not assume that the mother will be a more appropriate custodian of the children.

The article also states that if the court believes that the child will have a better and safer life living with the father, the court may award custody and visitation rights accordingly. There are also several other ways a father can protect his rights. Hiring a family attorney should be the first step when dealing with a child custody dispute.

“It’s also important to show how much you support your child, to show that you provide a safe and supportive living environment, and to gather evidence that having custody or visiting your child is in their best interests. Establishing paternity can also be important in a situation where you are not married to your child’s mother. In this case, proof of paternity is required before your rights as a father can be established and protected,” adds attorney Ethan Steward.

Finally, the attorney emphasizes the importance of having a qualified child support attorney when dealing with matters such as custody and handling of children. An experienced attorney can help parents understand their roles and responsibilities in the divorce and help them reach a favorable settlement.

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