Nisha Rawal calls for this as alimony from Karan Mehra, because the home violence case is getting grimmer

Nisha Rawal Alimon News: Actress Nisha Rawal continues to speak about the allegations she made against her husband Karan Mehra after he was arrested by Mumbai police on a domestic violence case. Nisha has claimed that her husband hit her head against the wall and then pinned her to the wall by holding her neck. In a press conference held Tuesday after Karan was released on bail in the case, Nisha discussed all of the allegations in her complaint and also provided details of the child support she asked Karan to allegedly pissed him off . Read also – Case of Karan Mehra-Nisha Rawal: This is what Manveer Gurjar and Gaurav Chopra have to say about their fight

Nisha mentioned that she is asking Karan to take responsibility for her son and fund his education, while she will also look for a steady source of income for him. The actress said that she did not ask anything for herself, but for her child. When talking about the breakup, Nisha said, “I had just asked Karan to look after his future and education. I told him I would pay the cost until he reached the 12th standard and you have 12 years to make money and if I can take care of it later I will too. I had told him clearly that I would always support him and not reproach him. ” Read also – Karan Mehra denies extramarital affair and calls Nisha Rawal’s stories “unfounded”

She added that Karan had transferred all of the money from her account to his account, which left her with nothing to care for her broken toe once. “If there was a transaction on my account, he would transfer funds to his account and then do what he wanted. I lived with this broken toe for two months. You can confirm that with my doctor. It’s an overnight thing for the media, but a lot of my close friends knew my marriage wasn’t going as well as Rohit Verma and Munisha Khatwani, ”she said. Also Read – Abhijeet Sawant’s New Interview About Indian Idol 12 Controversy, Fakeness, Elimination, and Pawandeep Rajan

Later, a friend of Nisha also spoke to the media and mentioned that she had never asked anything of him. Munisha, a famous tarot card reader, said that Nisha had asked for her son’s support and that she just wanted Karan to take care of her son’s education. “She’s been looking for a job for the past few months and was ready to work at McDonald’s or even sweep the floor,” said the friend.

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