Nisha Rawal reveals upkeep claims from Karan Mehra amid home violence case

Nisha Rawal’s allegations against Karan Mehra and his arrest, subsequent bail and denial of the former’s allegations became a topic of conversation. From marital stress, domestic violence, to an extramarital affair, divorce and alimony, there have been different issues and versions that came up from both sides. The couple are actually on their way to divorce and the former is looking for a living to look after the future and education of their four-year-old son Kavish.

Nisha Rawal at Karan Mehra’s demands amid marital burdens, litigation

According to reports, Nisha Rawal stated that her only request from Karan Mehra was that he take responsibility for Kavish. She said the maintenance she was asking was not for herself but to pay for her son’s education. The actress stated that she just wanted Karan to take care of Kavish’s future and higher education.

Nisha said she would take responsibility for Kavish’s education until he reached grade 12 and wanted Karan to fund his education after that. She stated that he had 12 years to make money and stated that if it were in her capacity, she would cover the cost of higher education. She added that she is also looking for a regular source of income for her son.

Nisha had claimed she gave all of her jewelry to pay for Karan’s EMIs when there was no work. She also claimed that she had transferred her money to his bank account and that as a result, she had no money when trying to treat her broken foot.

Karan Mehra was arrested on June 1 after Nisha filed a domestic violence complaint against him. He was released on bail that same day.

Actor Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai denied the physical abuse allegations, claiming the wounds she showed were self-inflicted. He claimed she filed a complaint with the police for massive child support payments and also denied her allegations that he was having an extramarital affair.

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