‘No Alimony’ Settlement, A New Pattern In Tollywood?

For Indians, marriage is a matter of trust between a man and a woman. Since they come from two different families, they must trust each other to live together all their lives.

The idea of ​​separation does not even arise before marriage, since the husband and wife only get married because they trust each other.

The problem of divorce only arises in extreme circumstances, when they lose confidence over a period of time. Such cases are rare, if not uncommon.

But does a couple sign an agreement long before they get married about what to do if they want to separate in the future?

Under normal circumstances, they don’t even think about the terms of a future divorce. Unfortunately, it now seems to have become a trend in the film industry.

It is known that there are such cases in Bollywood where the celebrity couples sign an agreement prior to their own marriage stating that they would follow the terms set out in the agreement if they had to divorce in the future. Such agreements are also legally registered.

Now, a similar agreement between a young hero and heroine has come to light in the Telugu film industry after their alleged breakup became the talk of the town.

The young hero has inherited possessions worth more than a thousand crores rupees from his father and grandfather, while the heroine no longer owns.

They got married a few years ago. But at the time of the marriage, it is learned that they have signed a contract drawn up by a top lawyer in the Telugu states. Needless to say, the lawyer is close to the hero’s family.

According to this agreement, if the hero and heroine are forced to separate in the future for any reason, neither should relocate the maintenance courts and file lawsuits for participation in the other’s goods.

The arrangement is foolproof and the couple’s foresight is understandable too. But it is not convincing and even calls into question the very foundations of the marriage institution.

A man and woman get married only with the hope and confidence that they would continue their bond for a lifetime, but definitely not for real estate.

Why should they marry with so much suspicion that he or she would drag the other to court for possessions? Isn’t it ridiculous?

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