No help for youngsters, no help: Martell and Melody Holt’s divorce is over

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It’s officially over between Martell and Melody Holt.

According to court records obtained solely from our sister site Bossip, Love and Marriage: Huntsville was officially granted divorce by an Alabama judge on March 12th. The cause of the divorce has been identified as “temperamental intolerance”.

The couple will have joint legal and physical custody of their four children and will try to work out a weekly schedule of who will have the children and when. There was no child alimony order for either party as they agreed to share the cost and no alimony was granted. They also agreed to liquidate the companies in which they jointly have a stake, including Holt & Holt Custom Homes, LLC.

Melody filed for divorce last summer, released music that says she will never return, and said in an interview with us in February that the trigger for her departure was a message from God.

“There were times when I actually wanted to leave because again there is only so much that a person can take. I am the person who, as a young entrepreneur, will pray before my board meetings. My point is, I’ve always been mentally in tune. I was so cared for and raised, ”she said to us. “I am the person who, as best I can, because I am also not perfect, will always long for my Creator and ask him for advice on how to move. This is in business. There are some deals that I turn down because I don’t feel like it’s the right thing to do. “

“There were times in marriage when I was personally fed up and ready to go and go, but I haven’t yet felt this spiritual liberation from God. I did not. And the moment I felt like it actually was after having my daughter Malani on December 19, 2019. I remember when they took us to our room and I took a shower and while I was there I just burst into tears. At that moment I felt, “It is done,” she added. “And from that moment on, I knew when something else was happening, when something else was happening, that it was done and over. So it was easy for me to go away and it was easy for me to stay away because God said go and no one trumps what God says, period. That’s me. “

She added, “I will not disobey what God says in my mind to please anyone, anyone. Even Martell says every day that he still wants us to be together and be a family. But I will no doubt follow what I know. “

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