No place in Scotland at the moment for defending “sexual infidelity provocation” in murders, says Highlands and Islands MSP

Highlands and Islands MSP Emma Roddick.

The newly elected regional MSP Emma Roddick is calling for a change in the law to prevent jealous killers from getting away with murder.

She called on the Scottish Government to take the opportunity offered by a Scottish Law Commission discussion paper to abolish the partial defense of the “sexual infidelity provocation” used to reduce a murder charge to culpable homicide.

Mrs Roddick, who asked a question in the Scottish Parliament, believes that defense has no place in modern Scotland.

Afterward, she said, “The defense originally came about to enable a man who had killed another man after discovering that this man had sex with his wife in order to escape the gallows.

“Shockingly, despite the abolition of the death penalty, it still exists and has even been extended to a much wider range of circumstances.”

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