No, Samantha didn’t obtain Rs 250 cr alimony!

MUMBAI, (ANI) – Samantha Prabhu in the third episode of ‘Coffee With Karan Season 7’ ​​called the reports suggesting that she was taking Rs 250 crores in alimony from her ex-husband Naga Chaitanya ‘made up’.

Samantha made her debut on Karan Johar’s talk show alongside Akshay Kumar. She was asked about the worst rumor she’d heard about herself? to which Samantha replied, “Shall I start alphabetically?” She continued, “That I took 250 crores alimony. Every morning I woke up waiting for the income tax officials to show them there was nothing. First they made up the story about alimony. Then they realized that it doesn’t seem like a believable story. Then they said there’s a prenuptial agreement, so she can’t ask for child support.”

The ‘Makkhi’ actress announced her split from actor husband Naga Chaitanya in 2021 after four years of marriage. She said that her divorce from Naga Chaitanya still has hard feelings, but she hopes that will change in the future.

She also said she was not ready to fall in love again. “It was tough, but now it’s good. It’s okay, I’m stronger than ever,” she said.

She has been on the receiving end of the trolls ever since she announced her split alongside Naga Chaitanya last year.

In response to the trolls she received after the breakup, Samantha said, “Yeah, so I couldn’t really complain about it because I chose that path, I chose to be transparent and I chose to revealing a lot about my life and the time the break up happened I couldn’t get too upset about it because they invested in my life and it was my responsibility to have answers which I didn’t do at the time and I think I came out of it well. Better than okay.”

The third episode ended happily as the ‘Arangi Re’ actor won the quirky rapid-fire round with 83 per cent of the live audience’s vote and Samantha won the buzzer round.

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