Now the three-time Talaq petitioner wins the upkeep battle and asks the ladies to affix the battle, in keeping with Meerut Nachrichten

Meerut: In another win for Atiya Sabri, one of the six Supreme Court petitioners against Triple Talaq, a family court in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur ordered her estranged husband to give her a monthly alimony of 21,000 rupees so she can raise money between her two Daughters. The process took over five years; In between, Atiya had also filed a petition with the Supreme Court banning the 1,400-year-old practice in August 2017, which was already banned in at least 22 countries, including Pakistan and Bangladesh.
In addition to the maintenance payment, Atiya will also receive a arrears of Rs 13.4 billion as the case was filed more than five years ago.
Atiya’s tumultuous marriage had ended with the birth of their second daughter. She claimed that her husband and parents-in-law forced her out of the house because she gave birth to a second girl in 2015. She also claimed that they asked for Rs 20lakh in dowry.
Atiya appealed to the Saharanpur court on November 24, 2015, about 20 days after receiving a letter from her husband Wajid Ali with the word ‘talaq’ spelled three times in Hindi. Married on March 24, 2012, she received the instant ‘Talaq’ on November 2, 2015.
Atiya called it an “honor victory”. She said to TOI: “More than the money, it is a victory of my honor, Mera Samman. I am satisfied that I can raise my two daughters properly. God was kind. I’ve been through immense pain, but I feel blessed that he chose me for this purpose, be it fighting for the Triple Talaq Law or winning this alimony case. This should be a great relief for all women in our community. More and more women who have been molested should get in touch. ”
When asked about the case in the family court, she said, “I have argued that if marriage is a contract between two people, only the man is given the right to choose to break it. Why does a woman not have a say? She should be right right away. ”


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