Olivia Wilde wins custody case towards Jason Sudeikis: youngsters keep in California

Aafter This was revealed by Olivia Wilde She fought the comedian for custody of her children Jason Sudeikis, a federal judge just ruled that the director gets her wish. They just stopped Sudeikis’ request to keep their two children at home new York as their home, the place where they were born. Jason made this petition for the kids to move in October 2021 but it didn’t work.

In documents that the Daily mail As published this week, Olivia Wilde was the one who gets to keep the kids wherever she pleases. In this case, the state of California There the children will be at home with their mother. It is still unclear whether Sudeikis will be able to visit her regularly or whether he will be able to appeal the verdict.

Things became increasingly awkward between the two as the principal was served with legal documents relating to the custody battle while she was there CinemaCon April on stage. She reacted negatively, stating that this was intentional put it on, claims his actions are not a good example for their children. From afar, this appeared to be out of spite from Sudeikis due to Wilde’s infidelity to the singer Harry Styles.

The court ruled this week: “Both Judge Powell and that arbitrator agreed that New York was not the home state of the children concerned; rather, California was the children’s home state. This court finds that New York does not have jurisdiction to hear the custody motions because New York is not the home state of the children concerned.”

Jason Sudeikis claimed he would not have served her if she hadn’t threatened to take the kids to stay in Los Angeles for most of the school year and then to London, where Olivia Wilde plans to move in with new boyfriend Harry Styles. https://t.co/9FttJf2lvp

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What’s next for Sudeikis?

Now that he’s basically lost custody of his kids, Jason Sudeikis will try to find a way to be closer to his two children and maintain a healthy relationship with them savages. There have been threats from the director that she might take the children to London, where her love interest resides. However, Sudeikis would reportedly fight with everything he has to keep his children on American soil.

Olivia Wilde slams Jason Sudeikis for trying to embarrass and threaten her with the aggressive way in which she was served custody papers in the middle of CinemaCon https://t.co/hX7MaY3nHNpic.twitter.com/qwgedJJ1EH

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