One examine of infidelity discovered that understanding about sexual rivals modified males’s habits in mattress

According to a new study published in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, men who knowingly have intercourse with a woman who is already in a different relationship tend to have different sexual behaviors.

The new research is based on the idea that the penis is a “semen displacement device”. In other words, the human penis developed its unique shape with an unusually large glans to displace the sperm that other men had left behind in the female reproductive tract. If so, men should instinctively go deeper and faster when they suspect they have a sexual rival.

In the study, 643 State University of New York students completed an anonymous online questionnaire about their sexual orientation, sexual history, and certain sexual behaviors, including cases of sexual infidelity.

The researchers found that 27.4% of participants reported cheating on their partner, and 34.3% of those participants reported that the person they cheated with was also cheating on their romantic partner. In addition, 26.8% of the sample stated that they were the “other” man or the “other” woman.

The results provided evidence that men changed their sexual behavior when they knew there was a sexual rival. Participants reported that orgasms were easier to have, more intense, and longer lasting when men knew they had sexual rivals. Men also tried harder to please their partner when they knew there was a rival, while women did not.

“Our newspaper deals with men who are in a committed sexual relationship and who cheat with other women. When the other woman is also in a committed sexual relationship, these men inadvertently push deeper and harder and experience more intense orgasms, ”study author Gordon G. Gallup Jr. told PsyPost.

“It is believed that such changes in male sexual behavior represent an ensemble of developed strategies that serve to minimize sperm competition with their committed partner and thereby increase the likelihood of conception by the rival man.”

Like all research, the study has some limitations. For example, the study did not evaluate motivations for infidelity or other aspects of the relationship.

“The question was whether the participant had sex with anyone other than their partner. This leaves a wide range of reasons and circumstances open, ”the researchers said. “It is also not clear whether participants answered sexual questions about long-term cheating partners. It is possible for men and women to have long-term sexual relationships outside of their primary relationships (e.g., friends with benefits). “

The study’s authors added that “Much more research needs to be done in this area. This context is inherently complicated, with multiple partners and rivals and multiple relationships of varying duration. “

The study “The Other Man: Awareness of Sexual Rivals and Changes in Sexual Behavior” was written by Rebecca L. Burch and Gordon G. Gallup Jr.

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