Overcome the grey areas of affection, infidelity and revenge with ‘Revenge’

Ziaul Hoque Polash’s new directorial telefiction “Revenge” starring Afran Nisho, Tasnia Farin and Sayed Zaman Shawon was recently released.

Production soon began to be trending on YouTube, taking twelfth place and gradually making it to fifth place, finally securing day number one on “Trending” on the video sharing platform.

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“Revenge” tells a story of love, passion and betrayal that leads to revenge. Afran Nisho is seen as Jony, a young lover with temperamental problems. Nisho turns out to be the best suit for the role as he drips himself into Jony’s vengeful demeanor, dominant traits, and tendency to cause trouble.

Through this production the audience encounters a loud and intense Nisho, but his devotion and selflessness in his love life wins the audience and makes them seem more sympathetic to Jony.

On the other hand, Tasnia Farin manages to take over completely with her simplicity and charm. While projecting Mitu’s predicament, she also manages to cover her tracks and completely take the audience by surprise when Mitu is exposed as an antagonist.

“Mitu has her own dilemmas and at the end of the day she just chooses her luck,” says Tasnia Farin, who previously worked on Polash’s “Surprise” directing project. “We never expect such a simple and down-to-earth girl to end up in disbelief, which is why I found the role interesting.”

When we come to the Director’s Cut, the viewer discovers a completely different side of Polash with “Revenge”.

While the audience is used to flaunting him with the comical character of Kaabila, this production presents him as a rather serious and thoughtful person, which is in complete contrast to his acting character.

“Acting is more related to how I look, while directing determines my existence,” says Polash, who previously directed Ghore Fhera and Ektu Khani, among others. “Instead of YouTube views, I’m trying to change my audience’s views through directing.”

The story conceived by Sahadat Russell tends to follow an expected flow until events turn during the climax and reveal the unexpected.

“I shared the story with Polash and we had a long discussion,” said Sahadat Russell. “I loved his improvisation and so we were finally able to get this production off the ground after a long revision.”

An amazing original track “Ke Tomake Bashbe Bhalo” by the band Adverb, paired with background music by Syed Nafis, reinforces the mood and themes of the production and modestly defines Jony’s struggles.

Shawon manages to keep up with his role alongside the dominant and loudmouthed character of Jony. However, Nisho steals the show with his overwhelming performance, while Farin gets along well with the realistic projection of internal conflicts Mitu experiences.

Audiences will also find Ismail Hossain’s color correction throughout the project tasteful and appropriate. In perfect harmony with Nazmul Hasan (DOP), the camera positions, the mood and the play of light during the recording work in almost perfect coordination with the inner state of the characters.

‘Revenge’ is a worthwhile watch, especially considering that Ziaul Hoque Polash, despite being a seasoned actor at the time, is relatively new to directing. Even if it’s not perfect, it looks promising for both the director and the young musical team that is keeping the project busy.

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