Oxygen Automobile GPS Monitoring: Automobile location units are obligatory for oxygen tanks; Ministry of Transport |

NEW DELHI: The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has prescribed the equipping of oxygen tanks, tankers and vehicles with vehicle tracking devices (VLT).
GPS location ensures the proper monitoring and protection of these tankers and ensures that there are no diversions or delays.
“MoRTH has stipulated that # oxygen tanks / tankers / vehicles are equipped with vehicle location devices (VLT). The GPS location will ensure the monitoring and protection of these tankers and not only ensure that there is no diversion or delay”, said the ministry ministry in a tweet.
India is battling a second wave of the pandemic. More than 300,000 new coronavirus cases have been reported daily for the past few days, and hospitals in several states are suffering from shortages of medical oxygen and beds.
India’s total number of COVID-19 cases has passed the 2 crore mark, with over 50 lakh infections added in just 15 days.
The total number of coronavirus cases in the country rose to, with 3.57.229 new infections reported in one day, while the death toll rose to 2.22.408 with 3,449 new deaths on Tuesday, according to updated data from the Union Ministry of Health.

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