Pastor ends marriage after his spouse accuses him of infidelity –

A 45-year-old pastor, Adekunbi Osho, who accused his wife of blackmailing him with adultery, received his request on Monday when an Igando custom court in Lagos dissolved his six-year marriage.

The president of the court, Adeniyi Koledoye, found that the marriage had irrevocably failed and that it was right for both parties to go their separate ways.

“As the petitioner insisted on the divorce after several interventions, the court has no choice but to grant it.

“The court hereby declares that the marriage between Pastor Adekunbi Osho and Ms. Rebecca Osho was dissolved today.

“With this announcement, you both ceased to be husband and wife.

“Each of you should go your own way unmolested; the court wishes you both well in your future endeavors, ”he said.

Koledoye ordered Rebecca to stop the petitioner in order to embarrass him.

Adekunbi had appealed to the court on April 6 to end his marriage, accusing Rebecca of defaming his character.

“My wife wants to destroy my career; she keeps going into my office accusing me of sleeping with women.

“It hinders my ministerial progress. Rebecca went to my local ward and informed the leaders that I was a chronic adulterer.

“She also wrote a letter to my general overseer that tarnishes my image.

“Rebecca stopped my promotion three times because of her series of reports to church officials that stagnated me in the same position,” he said.

The pastor accused Rebecca of being a nuisance.

“She fights me every day, there was one day when she attacked me in public and tore my clothes.

“She once arrested me at the police station and said I sent assassins to kill her.

“She hates my family; she insults and fights them whenever they come to visit. “

According to him, Rebecca prevents him from carrying or playing with her daughter.

“I only carried the baby during their naming ceremony; the girl is now three years old. “

He had asked the court to dissolve the marriage and give him custody of their only child.

Rebecca, a 36-year-old officer, was silent on the allegations.

She said the pastor was not her daughter’s biological father.

“Adekunbi is not my daughter’s father. I was impregnated by my lover while I was alive and married to my husband.

“He’d better not claim the paternity of another man’s child,” Rebecca told the court.

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