Pehchaan Episode-11 and 12 Review: Infidelity is it!

The Hum TV drama series Pehchaan is 12 episodes behind and we finally get to know the reason why Cookie is asking for a divorce. The performances are on point, specifically it’s Hiba Bukhari’s best work to date. In the previous episodes, we got a little annoyed at the unnecessary procrastination because we really want to know why Cookie wants a divorce? In this episode, the reason revealed is that Adnan committed infidelity.

Episode 11 is still dragging on, but we learn why Cookie left her Phupho apartment and where did her luggage go? Cookie leaves Phupho’s house because she is trying to insist that she go back to her husband. I don’t understand why Cookie doesn’t discuss this with anyone, why doesn’t she face Adnan and tell him the reason why she wants a divorce?

I feel like Phupho Safina’s track isn’t very relevant, but it’s heartwarming to see her happy when her brother visits her after years. They both had a good sibling time and it looks so cute that Cookie’s dad is actually hiding this meeting from his wife. The reason for this hostility is not yet clear.

Well, the reason Cookie wants the divorce is finally revealed in Episode 12, but not by Cookie himself. It’s unraveled through the flashbacks of Adnan reminiscing about his wedding days and how his heart wasn’t in the from day one marriage was. It is shown how mean and heartless Adnan is in this marriage. Even on his wedding night he showed no interest in her, while Cookie is a hopeless romantic who grew up reading romance novels and idealizing their heroes. She always expects a lot from Adnan, but is also let down by their loveless relationship.

Well the question is, if this relationship is so boring and loveless, how come Cookie spent 13 years happily with him? We were hinted at infidelity in the first episode when Cookie robotically tells Adnan that her friend’s husband is cheating on her. Actually, she tells her husband indirectly. Why doesn’t Cookie ask him directly? She feels betrayed because Adnan has duped her all these years. However; It’s not nice for Cookie to let her kids down, but it makes sense now. Cookie is right to ask for a divorce, and she is only leaving her children because she knows she cannot offer them a bright future, unlike Adnan. Addicted!

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