Pensacola Family Law Attorney Announces Changes to Florida Child Support Law

Pensacola, Fla. – Recently, the Florida House of Representatives SB 1796 had its say. By a vote of 74 to 42, the House of Representatives passed legislation that would end permanent child support payments in the state. Craig A. Vigodsky, Pensacola family law attorney, shares what Florida residents can expect when the new bill passes.

The bill, proposed by State Senator Joe Gruters of Sarasota and State Representative Jenna Persons-Mulicka of District 78, will end permanent child support payments and redefine payment structures based on marriage length. It states: “Maintenance may be paid for 50 percent of the length of a marriage lasting between three and ten years, 60 percent of the length of a marriage lasting between 10 and 20 years, or 75 percent of the length of a marriage lasting 20 years, not exceed years or longer.” The bill would cap the amounts of alimony payments “based on the reasonable needs of the creditor or an amount not exceeding 35 percent of the difference between the net incomes of the parties, whichever is less is”.

Another part of the bill requires family courts to begin with a “presumption” that in custody disputes, the child should be presumed to divide their time equally between the parents. This portion of the bill has been controversial in previous attempts to reform Florida’s child support laws. In 2016, former Gov. Rick Scott twice vetoed previous legislation, raising concerns that “putting the wishes of the parents before the best interests of the child by creating a premise of equal sharing” and leaving that decision to the judges should be.

Some groups, like the Florida Family Fairness Group, have praised the bill for its “modern” approach to using child support in divorce filings. Alternatively, the Florida Bar’s family law department immediately asked Gov. Ron DeSantis to veto the bill. While SB 1796 remains in abeyance, pending divorce and custody lawsuits are causing delays in the courts.

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