Pensacola household legislation lawyer talks about upkeep overhaul

Pensacola, Fla. – After nearly a decade of efforts, a Pensacola family law attorney announced that the 2021 revision of the state’s maintenance laws will not be revised. Recently, the Senate Chairs put the discussion on hold, saying they would revise the proposal and re-examine it in the next legislative term in 2022.

Senate sponsor of the bill, Republican Senator Joe Gruters, withdrew the legislation after hours when it was discovered that the bill would not get through the Senate committee, and told the committee that the aim of the proposal was to enable Help older maintenance payers retire more easily and make divorces more consensual for couples.

There are five types of maintenance available under applicable Florida law. The first is “temporary” and only applies during the divorce proceedings. The “Bridge-the-Gap” maintenance payment provides for payments of up to two years for the transition from marriage to single. “Rehabilitation”, which supports an ex-spouse who is completing vocational training or schooling; “Permanent”, which allows ex-spouses to receive support for a set period of time; and “permanent”, which ends when one spouse dies or when the beneficiary remarries.

The bill has been viewed as controversial by some as the bill provides for an even division of time for underage children. The idea is that these new bills generally assume that the most beneficial arrangement for children is to have the same amount of time with both parents unless there is reason to believe otherwise.

This year’s House proposal also included a provision that would allow judges to reduce or cancel a maintenance allowance, or order reimbursement to a maintenance payer if the court determines that there is a difference between the alimony ex-spouse and one Another person is in a “supportive relationship” or has existed “at any time during the 180 days” prior to filing a maintenance change request.

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