Pepe Cibrian and her husband might cut up after a month of marriage over infidelity

Friday 22.7.2022


Last update – 21:18

A month after his yes to Nahuel Lodi, Pepe Cibrian may be considering a divorce. Apparently, the theater producer is deeply hurt after pictures of her husband kissing another man in a bowling alley became public.

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On Intruders (America TV) he showed video of the brawl and after discussing what happened revealed he had contacted Pepe. “Our production knows that Pepe wants to separate. He says there are problems that made him get married. It is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Now he is in Cordoba and when he comes to Buenos Aires he will be separated from Nahuel,” commented journalist Gonzalo Vazquez.

The recording was made by a person who was present on site. “Diego, who saw it, informs us that it must have happened at Vortrix a month earlier,” the Chakra panelists explained. The witness reported that he took the pictures on Sunday June 19, before the 20th holiday.

“I went out with my friends. Once a friend told me: ‘He is Pepe Cibrian’s future husband’. He was in the position that can be seen in the videos and photos,” said the young man who took the photos he said.

Nahuel Lodi’s word on his video of him kissing another man

After sharing the footage on the air, Vazquez revealed that he spoke to the theater director’s partner, who told him he doesn’t plan on making a statement about it: “I showed him the pictures. He told me that the photo was not current and they preferred not to talk about it as it was a complex and painful condition.

Pepe Cibrian was tired of his girlfriend Georgina Barbarossa privately and publicly questioning his relationship with Nahuel Lodi, 32. In fact, Barbarossa never concealed how much she trusted Lodi’s intentions. “If you don’t want it right, we’ll break your spirit,” he warned the young man on Invaders (America) cameras. A comment that the makers of Dracula didn’t like the music at all.

Far from avoiding controversy, Driver gambled on mentioning the topic on his TV show. “I told Pepe not to get married by me signing the paper,” he revealed in A la Barbarossa (Teleph). And he explained what his advice was: “Be careful, I don’t want you to marry that guy. Getting together”.

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She also said that a lot of Cibrian’s vibe resonated with her: “Maybe the boy is a loved one and I apologize to all his family that they should hate me and they hate me. I’m at the party today.” I have to go, they won’t greet me. But what do I care if they greet me, I’m Pepe’s friend”.

On the other hand, she admitted that her biggest fear is that her friend will be used by Lodi. “She’s known a man for three months, very young, and I don’t want him to get married because he’s fine now. I don’t want them to disturb him,” he concluded.

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