Physician accused of fertilizing nurse loses custody battle

A doctor allegedly suffering from erectile dysfunction and who was accused by a nurse of having artificially fertilized her, was denied custody of a child.

A paternity case has been hanging around the neck of the doctor for six years as he fights the right to be the father of the child while fending off rape allegations by the nurse.

The court’s verdict, based on the results of a DNA report, is that the child does not belong to him. A little boy was born on October 15, 2014, and his mother and father looked forward to being the new parents in town. Two years later, the woman threw the man in a police report under OB no. 56/26/12/16 Marital rape.

The nurse filed a second complaint with the Nyali police station under OB 02/19/02/17 that the doctor took her to her home, displaced her soft drink and either raped or inseminated her and she became pregnant.
The doctor had gone to the children’s court in the hope of gaining access to the minor as a father and then getting a custody order.

In her response, however, the mother, code-named LNK, appeared before High Court Judge Eric Ogola, asking for orders to be presented to the doctor, code-named Dr. Deny RILL access to the minor and / or custody. She argued that it was against public policy and the best interests of the child for a suspect of alleged rape or sexual assault to have access to or custody of a minor conceived by the illegal act.

In her court documents, she refused to consent to sexual relations with Dr. RILL, adding that she had evidence of a brief message from him on November 14, 2014 confirming that they had never become intimate in the three years prior to this text message, and especially not in the approximate time the minor conceived has been.
LNK said RILL was a person with more than just access to narcotic drugs; he has the expertise to achieve gross artificial insemination in a person.
Then there is a second part of the criminal complaint from LNK. She claims that since RILL is in his sunset days, unfortunately, he suffers from erectile dysfunction and has not been able to have a child or have a relationship with anyone and is therefore the possible motive for the alleged crime.

But RILL told the court that he had lived with LNK since 2011 and that at some point in 2014 they had a misunderstanding and he asked for forgiveness, but she moved out before they settled their differences.
He says they met in a hotel in early 2014, talked and got to know each other intimately on the same day. After a month, he said, she found out she was pregnant. The court heard that RILL’s friend, also a doctor, was helping LNK with childbirth and that he (RILL) was actively raising the minor.

He presented forms to the court hospital stating that LNK was her husband. RILL also provided evidence that he assisted LNK and her mother with rent payments and the furnishing of their homes. In his court records, he said that he leased land on behalf of LNK and that they lived together as a husband and wife and raised their son together.

He told the court that LNK had previously sent him love messages and that they celebrated the minor’s birthday together on October 15, 2016. He said she consented to all sexual relationships that they have ever had. He said LNK filed another charge of assault and an alleged kidnapping attempt. He asked the court to protect his parental rights. After hearing the parties, the court ordered a DNA test. The report submitted to the court found that RILL was not the minor’s father.

Following the results, LNK asked the court to determine that RILL was not empowered to pursue custody as he is not the child’s father. RILL, on the other hand, asked the court to take the child’s interests into account regardless of who the father was.
Judge Ogola ruled that the minor’s birth may have been staged as RILL claimed the minor was his biological son and the DNA results proved otherwise.

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