Police are investigating multiple thefts of GPS tracking devices

Following recent multiple thefts of GPS tracking devices from farm vehicles in neighboring East Lothian and Northumbria, officials stress that thefts of this type of device are being reported nationwide.

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A spokesman said: “We would advise farmers and dealers to secure the vehicles and systems in lockable buildings where possible, label them to make them distinguishable and ensure you have the relevant details (serial numbers).

“We recommend several levels of security to deter, delay and detect thieves:

“Our top 4 tips are: install an alarm system where quads are stored, don’t leave keys in or near your vehicles, secure the building they are stored in and install tracking devices.

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“Other recommendations include; Quality LED lighting, CCTV and signage, driveway and shed alarms, forensic security identification and signage, secure shed and barn doors with quality locks, parking vehicles outside shed doors at night, quality chains and floor or wall anchors to secure quad bikes, Cesar vehicle identification .

“Please report any suspicious vehicles or activity to the police immediately by calling 101 or 999 in an emergency.”

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