Police rescue kidnapped US girl because of GPS monitoring of her Apple Watch

We’ve heard countless stories about how The Apple Watch saved people’s lives in time, by Monitoring your heart rate and inform them of anomalies or detect if someone has had an accident and contact the authorities in a timely manner.

Now the Apple Watch has taken things to a whole new level by actually saving someone from being kidnapped.

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Reported First from Fox San Antonio, the cops were first alerted by the daughter of the woman who was kidnapped by an Adalberto Longoria. According to the daughter, both Longoria and the mother were arguing about something when the daughter suddenly heard screams.

Longoria reportedly abducted her in the back of his pickup truck outside the victim’s house after an argument between the two. Longoria asked her to get her things out of the back of the truck, but when she tried, Longoria got into the truck and drove while she was still inside.

The mother then called the daughter on the Apple Watch and told her that she had been kidnapped. Shortly thereafter, however, the call was disconnected and could no longer be reached. The police then looked at 911 to find the mother’s phone. The ping revealed the location on East Sonterra Boulevard in the Hyatt Place Hotel – exactly where it was.

When they got to the parking lot, they found the woman in the hotel car park vehicle. The kidnapper had fled the scene. However, the police found and arrested him, and charged him with the aggravated kidnapping.

Apple Watch kidnapping

Last year, The Apple Watch saved the life of an 80-year-old With ECG function. The feature highlighted a heart rate irregularity in a hospital – something the hospital machine was unable to detect in time.

However, this could be the first time an Apple Watch has come to the rescue in a hijacked case.

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