Polygamy shouldn’t be an answer to infidelity –Jaiye Kuti

After the murder of a businessman and Super TV’s chief executive officer Usifo Ataga by his mistress Chidinma Ojukwu, many have said that it is better for a man to marry more than one woman rather than keep lovers.

However, in an interview with Saturday Beats, actress Jaiye Kuti disagreed with the idea that polygamy is a solution to infidelity. She said, “I don’t think polygamy will solve the problems. Polygamy is more likely to lead to other problems and society is aware of this. That is why we preferred monogamy to polygamy. I don’t see polygamy as a solution. Discipline and charity like yourself is the solution. ”

The actress also advised people not to believe everything they saw about popular people’s lives. She said, “Everyone wants to be famous and they do everything to keep the show going. Don’t believe all of the supposed success stories that you see everywhere. You may seem perfect. But you can only see things from the outside. You don’t have to be a cynic. Just don’t pretend to be fact. Celebrities may have made a small contribution (for people who definitely want to get rich), but I think the dire economic situation has done a lot more.

“Poverty in the country forces young people and everyone else to look for every possible way out of it. So some people go the “sugar daddy” route. Men should also keep in mind that these young women could be their daughters and they don’t need to have an affair with them before they can help them. ”

Kuti also stressed that parents need to be vigilant in raising their children. She said, “With or without the Super TV CEO’s unfortunate incident, parents must always monitor their children and, more importantly, live a life that can encourage their children to lead decent and contented lives.”

The actress also asked the police to properly investigate the case. She said: “The murder of the super TV CEO should be investigated carefully because it looks like there is more to it than meets the eye.”

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