Pregnant lady smashes automotive on allegations of infidelity

A pregnant woman who smashed her partner’s car has been tried in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court

Tara Kate Godfrey, 32, pleaded guilty to causing harm in court when she appeared in court.

The court heard that the incident happened around 7.15 p.m. on January 4.

Godfrey had received texts from her partner accusing her of infidelity.

Then he started putting her and her children’s things in front of his house, and she got emotional when she saw this.

She took a pole and smashed the window, heard the judgment.

The court heard that Godfrey was in a relationship with the man who was the father of their children.

She was upset when she saw her child’s belongings on the porch, heard the court.

The victim had been drinking when he accused her of infidelity.

Godfrey has been fined $ 1,000 and no conviction has been recorded.

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