Prepare higher with CrossBox GPS Monitoring

The Crossbox CBX20 GPS tracking system was specially developed by and for motocross riders and shows this. The high-precision, affordable motion sensor weighs just under 2 ounces. and can be easily attached to any helmet. It records an amazing amount of data while you drive. Back at the box, you have access to everything via a smartphone app. (Using a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology available only for Crossbox, data is synced from the tracker to your smartphone in just a minute or two for a 30 minute session.) Even better, the app works offline You can analyze your laps even if you don’t have an internet connection on the route. As soon as you are back online, your data is automatically synchronized with the cloud in order to activate the full range of online functions. No other device can do that. And while every Moto-Tracker gives you lap and segment times, Crossbox can show you exactly when and where you are losing time on the track. The LapX system even calculates your best possible lap time – and tells you which lines to hit to achieve it!

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