Prince Charles was “the love of her life” even after his infidelity.

Prince Charles remained the “love of Princess Diana’s life” even after their relationship and marriage collapsed, ending in a bitter divorce following Charles’ affair with Camilla, now the Duchess of Cornwall, according to one expert.

Express UK quoted royal author and expert Kinsey Schofield on the late Princess of Wales’ 61st birthday; Diana died in a car accident in Paris just a year after her divorce from Charles.

While Diana and Charles’ relationship was notoriously tumultuous, Schofield believes she “still wanted to be with Charles.”

Speaking to Express UK, Schofield said: “At this point in her life she had made so many sacrifices for the royal family and it was time to address her wants and needs. She sacrificed so much and did everything she was told. And at the end of the day, she still hasn’t won.”

She added: “I think she wanted to be with Prince Charles. I would still argue that he was the love of her life; I don’t think she was the love of his life.”

Schofield continued, “But I think she still wanted to be with Prince Charles.”

“She gave him an heir and she gave him a replacement. And she showed up to the events and smiled. And she was a superstar, although she hadn’t pursued that. And she did everything she was told. And she stayed in line until she realized she wasn’t being rewarded for following directions,” she concluded.

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