Prince William has been accused of utilizing Meghan Markle to quell rumors of infidelity

According to one journalist’s allegations, Prince William would have shamelessly used Meghan Markle to quell the controversy surrounding his alleged infidelity.

On Sunday March 7th, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had a truth interview with Oprah Winfrey. During that interview, the Duchess of Sussex regretted the fact that she was not adequately protected by the royal family when she was the target of racist attacks by the British press. But could the Windsor clan really do something about it? According to writer James Fallows, the palace cannot stop the tabloids from writing about their members. A finding that James Palmer, associate editor of Foreign Policy magazine, was quick to deny. According to the journalist, the company actually used the young woman as a scapegoat to suppress Prince William’s alleged infidelity with Rose Hanbury, Kate Middleton’s close friend.

The palace has protected Prince William from the tabloids for * years * and maintains a complicated relationship with newspaper editors, including switching between sending legal threats and effectively negotiating with them in order to surprise Markle

– James Palmer (@BeijingPalmer) March 18, 2021

Because of this, British newspapers didn’t even touch Williams’s alleged affair with Rose Hanbury.

– James Palmer (@BeijingPalmer) March 18, 2021

Sure, Twitter, James Palmer responded to James Fallows’ statements by stating, “This is completely wrong. The palace protected Prince William’s tabloids for * years * and has an intricate relationship with the editors of those newspapers, including switching between sending legal threats and doing business with them to disseminate information about Meghan Markle. Because of this, the British press has not even addressed * Williams’ alleged affair with Rose Hanbury *. “These are serious allegations that will inevitably react on social media. While you wait for more details, find out why Prince William fears Prince Harry will reveal her private conversations to the press.

Photo credit: Twitter @BeijingPalmer / @JamesFallows

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