Private Prosecutor in GPS Tracking Case Appeals to Nevada Supreme Court | News

.Warm temperatures can melt snowpack and increase river flows. …Snowmelt flood warning remains in effect through Monday evening… * WHAT…Snowmelt flooding is still a possibility. * WHERE…portions of east-central California and western Nevada, including the following areas, in east-central California, Greater Lake Tahoe and Mono County. Western Nevada, Greater Lake Tahoe, Greater Reno-Carson City-Minden, and Mineral Counties and Southern Lyon Counties. * WHEN…By Monday evening. * IMPLICATIONS… Excessive runoff can cause flooding of rivers, streams, creeks and other low-lying and flood-prone locations. Streams and streams can overflow their banks. Flooding can occur at low water crossings. * MORE DETAILS… – The current period of unusually warmer temperatures will result in excessive snowmelt and runoff from higher mountain areas to lower areas along the Carson River, Walker River basins and eastern Sierra Basins. Streams, streams, and main river basins will continue to flow high, fast, and cold even after this surveillance expires. Due to the daily melt cycle, peak discharges and highs occur overnight and in the early morning in many cases. – Http:// PRECAUTIONS/PREPARATION… You should be aware of subsequent forecasts and be alert to possible flood warnings. Those living in flood-prone areas should be prepared to intervene in the event of a flood. &&

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