Priyank Sharma hits trolls in opposition to him for infidelity, READ

MUMBAI: Former Bigg Boss contestants Priyank Sharma and Benafsha Soonawalla dated nearly two years before they split.

The couple, who constantly posted photos together on social media, deleted them and stopped following each other.

Since then, both Priyank and Benafsha have carried on their respective lives. But it’s one social media user who claims to be the fan of the ex-couple who blames Sharma for the breakup.

The social media user recently made a post on the Instagram Stories where he mentioned Priyank and accused him of cheating on Benafsha.

The Punch Beat actor made a post on Instagram. Priyank shared a few pictures of the troll’s report and shamed them. Priyank Sharma went to his Instagram to call and report a troll who molested him at the same time every day. Bigg Boss 11’s contestant beat up the troll for claiming he cheated on his former girlfriend, Benafsha Soonawalla.

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Sharma shared the pictures and wrote: “I love you TOO, so much you have no idea! “For two years, more than 2000 reports, I was molested / tagged by my friends and family. Every day at the same time according to the same pattern. HOW MUCH ARE YOU PAID? You can’t be a fan you’ve owned. You are a disgrace! Don’t take my admirers down by calling yourself one. We need help. ITS HIGH TIME. “

Priyank Sharma mentioned in his post that in the last two years he has been harassing or tagging his family, friends and more than 2000 accounts. He said “it is high time” and mentioned that he needed help.

Meanwhile, it has recently been speculated that Priyank and Benafsha are back together. There were reports that the ex-couple had had a good time together in Indore and that Sharma reportedly surprised them on Valentine’s Day.

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