Proposed state home invoice might change little one custody in divorce circumstances

According to Domestic Relations Court documents, this system is used in Montgomery County “when parents cannot agree”. In contrast, the term “equal shared parenting” means creating a schedule where children live with each parent as close as possible 50% of the time, but at least 35% of the time.

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“This legislation allows both parents to be equally involved in decision-making, and the children can enjoy the same time with both parents,” said Creech. “More than 40 years of scientific research show that in most cases equal parenting is the best solution for raising children when the parents are separated.”

The NPO refers to research by Linda Nielsen of Wake Forest University, which summarizes 40 studies on the outcome of children in divorce cases over many years. Nielsen said although some of the studies have limitations, overall children’s scores for academics, behavior, and mental and physical health are better in more equitable parenting situations.

“More plainly (the question is), is it worth the inconvenience of living in two houses?” Nielsen wrote. “Fortunately, there are now 40 studies that have dealt with this question.”

However, not everyone agrees that this is the right approach. The North Dakota legislature rejected a bill on the matter, and governors in Minnesota and Florida vetoed it. The Illinois State Bar Association opposed a similar bill, saying that the state’s case-by-case standard for “children’s best interests” was a better standard position than a 50-50 division of parental leave.

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Spokeswoman Annie Yamson said the Ohio State Bar Association is awaiting a review of the legislation and has not yet taken a position. Officials from the Montgomery County District Court for Domestic Relationships did not respond to a request for comment on Tuesday.

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