Protection of Rutherford County Schools and Custody Issues

Individual schools within the Rutherford County school system continue to protect students from outsiders who should not be visiting a local school… That was the district school principal, Dr. Jimmy Sullivan. Of course, schools don’t have to worry about unwelcome visitors this week because schools are closed for the autumn break. But for parents planning to visit their child at school next week, perhaps for a meeting with a teacher or to have lunch with their student – expect to show your driver’s license when walking past the school office or pick up a child early…

One of the biggest issues in everyday life revolves around divorced parents and/or custody issues. dr Sullivan explained… If your students go back to school on Monday, October 10, 2022, make sure the school has the most recent court-ordered education plan — this includes both temporary education plans and permanent education plans. If the parent schedule is kept up to date, there should be no problem with schools trying to determine which parent is allowed to pick up the child and on which days or weeks.

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