Raquel Leviss will not be answerable for Oliver Saunders’ infidelity

Oliver Saunders’ wife Samantha has revealed Vanderpump Rules star Raquel Leviss is not to blame for her husband’s infidelity. The statement came on Saturday after Oliver was accused of cheating on his wife this Friday.

In Samantha’s post on Instagram, she called out Oliver Saunders, son of RHOBH’s Garcelle Beauvais, for being unfaithful with multiple women. She began her post by disclosing that she was asked to remain silent about the issue. But that’s going to be difficult, so Samantha continued anyway.

She went on to say that Oliver had disrespected her and the children in every possible way since he started volunteering for Vanderpump. Samantha accused Oliver of joking about her mental health while committing adultery with his peers.

An example of Oliver Saunders’ infidelity is his affair with Raquel Leviss. However, Samantha made another post to clear Leviss of the matter.

The mother-of-three must be genuinely hurt by Oliver’s action after claiming she supported him emotionally and financially while he was down. Garcelle Beauvais also blocked her on Instagram for speaking up.

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Raquel Leviss is not responsible for Oliver Saunders’ infidelity

In her Friday post, Samantha Saunders claimed she confirmed Oliver’s infidelity to Leviss. According to her, she found out that her husband had been making out with the 1994-born TV star and still plans to continue after filming.

This Saturday, she wrote on her Instagram Story that she doesn’t hold Raquel Leviss responsible for Oliver Saunders’ infidelity. She further explained that Leviss did nothing wrong as she had been respectful and supportive.

Samantha’s post mirrors what an insider said on the matter. The source confirmed that Oliver Leviss gave the impression he was already separated from his wife and they were going through a divorce.

In response, Oliver apologized for Samantha publicizing his business before declaring that they were getting a divorce. He made his account private afterwards.

Samantha also clarified that despite Oliver Saunders’ infidelity, she’s not divorcing him just yet. But she might be forced into it after finding out about this affair.

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