Rat steals pet cat’s GPS monitoring gadget, chases proprietor amongst his neighborhood | tomorrow

(FOX NEWS) – This is a rat that was on the move.

One pet owner believed that buying a GPS tracker for his cat would help keep track of the pet in case it ever loosens. Unfortunately a rat apparently stole the device and led the owner on a chase through the sewers.

Andel Kindell bought a $ 180 GPS device and clipped it to his cat Alex’s collar after the pet disappeared for two days, reports The Sun. The tracker, which connects to a phone app, reportedly worked fine until one day the cat came back injured and its GPS was missing.

When Kindell logged into the app, he was reportedly surprised to find the tracker moving quickly around town.

According to The Sun, Kindell stated, “At first I thought someone else had put it on their cat. Then I thought I was going crazy. I followed the GPS signal to a neighbor and saw it cross the street – but there was nothing before me.”

Eventually he realized what was going on and that the tracker had been stolen, but not by one of his neighbors. At least none of his human neighbors.

“The app said the signal was weak,” he said. “I pinched that it was underground. Then the vet told me that Alex’s right paw wound was caused by a bite and that the collar must be in the rat.”

Once connected, Kindell reportedly found that the GPS trail followed local drainage routes. Since the tracker was likely in the rat’s stomach, it would probably be easier to buy a new one at this point.

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