“Refused to take duty for being pregnant, accused of infidelity” | News from Mumbai

Mumbai: The Bombay HC denied bail to a defendant in a case brought against him by a 22-year-old woman for forcing himself through May 2019 and April 27, 2022, saying he had their repeat Applications to marry her were rejected. In her complaint, she said that she tried to stop him herself after conception and in the sixth week, but he refused to take responsibility and accused her of infidelity.
The FIR against the defendant was established under IPC Sections 376(2)(n) (commits repeated rape of same woman) and 376(2)(h) (commits rape of woman who knows she is pregnant) and filed for fraud.
The HC said her version was that she only allowed sexual relations because she was promised marriage.
“When a man and a woman work together, it is quite possible for them to become close, either spiritually compatible, or confiding as friends regardless of gender, since friendship is not gender specific. However, this friendship with the fairer sex does not give a man license to impose himself on her if she specifically objects to copulation,” Justice Dangre said, adding that “every woman expects ‘respect’ in a relationship.
“Here is the applicant who is accused of pursuing a sexual relationship under the pretense of marriage, but when the applicant became pregnant he went out and claimed that the pregnancy she carried to term was due to her relationship with other people,” the statement said court feast. This allegation definitely requires a thorough investigation in order to ascertain the applicant’s version to which she had been forced to agree, the HC dismissed the accused objection.


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