Regulation Roundup: Understanding When to Maintain’em, Fold’em, Stroll Away

The disappearance of a Kalispell man after a dispute over money has his wife concerned.

She told the Kalispell Police Department that the disagreement took place around 7:30 a.m. the previous day. He drove away in her truck and she hadn’t seen him since. She feared he might get into more trouble.

Officials agreed to treat him as a missing person, but his missing status didn’t last long. His significant other called back a few hours later to let her know he’d turned up in a parking lot. He was there because he gambled away all their money, she said.

A man apparently made the mistake of borrowing his newly purchased Ford F-150. He told police he let a friend from the pre-release borrow the ride, but he never returned the pickup. He said he only bought it two days earlier but lacked official documents for the vehicle.

A janitor asked for help when he came across two men drinking at the back of his building. The officers led the two men on.

A teenage dog walker walking past a house saw a man grab a small child, step inside and start hitting him. When officers arrived to investigate, they were invited into the home by the parents of three children. Everyone appeared happy and well. The father told officers he lightly beat his daughters for misconduct.

A site manager found a sleeping person in an otherwise empty room. The emergency services found a 54-year-old man with abdominal pain. They asked for medical attention and removed the man from the property.

Police escorted a woman to the emergency room after she called for help with her daughter. The teenager hadn’t eaten in two weeks and was throwing up, she told dispatchers. The daughter had previously refused to see a doctor and the mother sought advice.

A caller alerted police to a camper van with a built-in wood stove that had been parked in the same spot for a few days. The caller hoped officers would check on the person and said they were concerned about people camping alongside local roads.

When officers arrived, they met with the owner of the RV. He said he had permission to be on the property and told officers he worked there and wanted to be left alone.

Police searched unsuccessfully for two dogs roaming free near First Street. A caller informed authorities out of concern that the couple could be hit by a vehicle. Officials could not locate the couple.

A concerned parent asked officers to keep a lookout for their 15-year-old daughter, who went out for a walk about 40 minutes earlier and never returned.

A man alerted authorities that his girlfriend had been drinking and was trying to leave in a car. However, in the middle of the call, the woman returned and started yelling at him. The conversation turned to shouting as they began accusing each other of drinking and driving. The woman asked the authorities to take her to jail.

Incoming officers separate the couple.

Someone spotted a man in an alley talking to himself. He was near a lime green motorcycle parked on the sidewalk. The caller asked officers to send the man on his way.

A homeowner reported a drive-by paintball incident at his neighbor’s home. The resident offered investigators video footage of a car and recalled hearing the “pop pop pop” of a paintball gun.

Someone called to let authorities know that several people were making noise at their location. They asked to remain anonymous.

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