Rep. Rodriguez Desires to Scrap Upkeep Legal guidelines in FL · The Floridian

Usually Florida leads the state in ambitious reforms of all kinds, and now it could be maintenance laws. Such changes would allow Florida to set a precedent for a perpetual alimony ban. Rep. Anthony Rodriguez (R-118) hopes to be the pilot of this change through sponsorship HB 1599.

When the bill was proposed in a recent committee hearing, Rodriguez told his colleagues that the bill “is backed by real people whose lives have been ruined by this outdated law,” summarizing that it “was time for Florida’s outdated maintenance policy to withdraw “.

Rodriguez is also drafting this legislation in the spirit of Florida to be one of the leading Americans for more economic opportunity, and these laws are just holding that title back from so many Floridians.

For example, the United States Labor Statistics Bureau finds that the female to male income ratio was 85.1%, above the national average of 81.5%.

These statistics are based on the increasing trend among women earning higher wages and, frankly, the rapid decline in male enrollment in universities.

In addition, your child is legally an adult on their 18th birthday. Rodriguez thinks there is “no point” in continuing to fund a child who has now grown up.

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