(Replace) DJ ​​Mustard denies infidelity is cause for Chanel Thierry submitting for divorce

Even though DJ Mustard has filed for divorce from Chanel Thierry, he hasn’t given up his respect for his former lady of 12 years. As previously reported, Mustard filed paperwork this week to end his 1.5-year marriage. The couple began dating in their late teens and early 20s before getting engaged in 2018 and exchanging vows in October 2020. On Friday night, the award-winning producer finally broke his silence on the file to address infidelity rumors surrounding the couple.

“It’s one thing to have my family business on the internet and of course I didn’t respond at first because I don’t owe the public an explanation but I do owe my family to clear up this false narrative[s] that @ChanelDijon cheated, that’s out and never happened,” Mustard wrote on his Instagram story.

DJ Mustard files for divorce from Chanel Thierry after 1.5 years

Rumors of the end of the former couple’s love story began shortly after news of the filing broke on Tuesday. According to court documents obtained by Complex, Mustard filed the legal paperwork Monday, May 2, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

DJ Mustard also listed May 2 as the date of his split from Chanel. That detail in particular fueled online chatter about what had gone wrong with the beloved couple. While Mustard remained quiet through Friday, Chanel spoke up on her Insta Story hours after the news broke on the internet.

“Thank you for the kind words, thoughts and prayers. Anyone who has followed me or knows me personally knows that my family means the world to me,” Chanel wrote. “I have [dedicated] 12 faithful years and there are more [than] heartbreaking to see how things turn out.”

DJ Mustard denies cheating was the reason behind his divorce filing

Still, the internet raged with talk of the infidelity ruining the couple’s union. But it wasn’t all directed at Chanel. In fact, Mustard denied in his statement that a lack of loyalty on either side caused the divorce.

“Also the fake dealing with my stylist come on we all know this is a joke I would NEVER touch that girl,” Mustard wrote. “At this time, we’re just trying to do our family business privately. We spent 12 years together so I’m sure you all can respect that [an] easy problem. We only ask for privacy. I’m a person with children old enough to read, if you can’t respect us at least respect that.

DJ Mustard and Chanel have three children together: 10-year-old Kiylan, 7-year-old Kauner and 2-year-old Kody. According to court documents, Mustard is seeking joint legal and physical custody. Apparently, the former couple also has a prenuptial agreement.

See Mustard’s full statement below:

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