Reveal key particulars of El-Gente’s infidelity to Tamara Bezu

el Gent After being found entering a hotel with a dancer from his video clip, he continues to occupy all media seats in Argentina. it will be a girl named Luli Romero and recently Estefi Berardik brought new evidence to the fact that it also contains Tamara BezoSinger’s wife.

“A few days ago, El-Gente aired a video showing Luli Romero leaving a makeshift shelter, a tello. He’s a dancer and they recorded a video this afternoon,” panelist Mananisima began. .

“They came out to say it was propaganda for the next issue. I don’t know what he would believe TamaraBut this gave rise to rumors of separation when Tamara uploaded a photo with her lawyer. I don’t know if she will separate if she will deal with the child support issue. I have proof, I have photos, that this cloth will remain in Benavidez, where Luli Romero lives,” he said.

Tamara Báez confirms split from L-Gante.mp4

Tamara Bezo separation confirmed el Gent

This is added to the episode where another young woman who works with the singer was recently encouraged to speak out. is that they were encouraged to publicly denounce Tamara Bezo (former partner of the musician) and argued that he threatened her on social networks.

“Yes. Last night at dawn he sent me a message on Instagram that he was drowning to stop uploading the video. Because I did a tiktok that was in the video (El-gent in the hotel) by) me said Micaela, who was with Nosotros a la Manana and said that the Jamaican mother (the daughter she said via a message on Instagram shared with the musician) told her that she would be with her partner. She would “drown” to join her.

“He bothered me because I have a lot of pictures with him and he added everything. So I came out on Tiktok to say, ‘Please don’t brother me’. I’m not in the video. In Tiktok, I said nobody with horns, there aren’t any more, and I said Tamara is not my girlfriend,” he continued.

“I’m not going out with her,” he explained el Gent and their possible relationship. “On TikTok he told me ‘broken families’. He called me “Wanda Nara, China Suarez”. He put everything on me,” when asked if he had anything to do with the singer besides laughing mischievously, he concluded.

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