RHOC’s Braunwyn Windham-Burke admits she has a $2.9k checking account and is asking ex Sean for $10okay in alimony in nasty divorce

REAL housewives of Braunwyn Windham-Burke of Orange County have provided shocking details of their bank accounts and previous lavish lifestyles in new divorce documents obtained exclusively by The US Sun.

Two months after filing for divorce, Braunwyn, 45, has also claimed in court filings that her once-amicable relationship with her ex Sean Burke has deteriorated and he has become “increasingly aggressive” towards the reality TV star.


Braunwyn Windham-Burke opened up about how her “lavish lifestyle” and bank account have changed significantly since splitting from her ex, Sean BurkePhoto credit: BRAVO
Sean and Braunwyn's marital troubles played out at RHOC


Sean and Braunwyn’s marital troubles played out at RHOCPhoto credit: Bravo

Braunwyn, who was a cast member on seasons 14 and 15 of RHOC, wrote in court: “I’m unemployed. Except for two years during our nearly 23 year marriage, I have stayed at home to take care of our seven children.

“Since I was 20 I have relied on the Defendant for all financial security. I have relied on the Defendant to make all financial decisions for 23 years and have been effectively kept in the dark as to the true extent of our business interests and assets.

“Recently the defendant stopped supporting me and I am unable to support myself or our children. I had to rely on it [a] family member to cover my basic living expenses and even expenses for our children.”

In a filed income and expense statement, the Real Housewives personality admits to having only $2,900 in cash and checking and savings accounts.

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Your average monthly expenses are $25,750 – $10,000 of which is for rent in Newport Beach, California.

The mother of seven, who is very involved in the LGBTQ+ community and is a big advocate of sobriety, compared her income to that of her ex-spouse.

In the court documents, Braunwyn says she believes Sean, 49, grossed more than $65,000 a month as Radair’s president and COO. She also says he receives an income of $10,000 a month from Kalotech.

Lush lifestyle

The former couple “enjoyed an upper-middle-class lifestyle,” according to the documents, but now, Braunwyn is forced to live a life that’s nowhere near “the standard of living” established during their 23-year marriage.

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For one, she says she now drives a Lincoln Navigator and her ex-husband drove “brand new Mercedes and BMW cars.”

They threw “lavish birthday parties for the kids” and traveled together to places like Beaver Creek, Colorado during the winter to take ski lessons for the kids. They also spent four to six weeks each summer in Kauai, Hawaii.

She added: “We have taken the kids to Europe, Miami, Puerto Rico, New York and many other island vacations.

“We ate weekly at restaurants like Mastros, Javier’s and Marmalade where our average bill topped $500.00.”

The ex-Bravo star continued, “We had two nannies and a full-time housekeeper. I had a personal trainer and a stylist who came by monthly and had my hair and makeup done on a regular basis.

“I enjoyed a [shopping] Budget and bought luxury handbags.”

Given all the detailed facts, Braunwyn is asking the court to grant her temporary spousal support of no less than $10,000 a month.

She is also asking Sean to contribute $10,000 toward attorneys’ fees and costs and child support, but leaves it up to the court to determine the amount as per guidelines.

Sean answers

On November 28, a few weeks after Braunwyn filed for divorce in mid-October, Sean filed his response to the dissolution.

In a shocking twist, Sean asks the court to consider paying child support to himself. He ticked the box for spousal support payable to Braunwyn and also to “leave the question of alimony payable to the defendant for future adjudication”.

Furthermore, he disagrees with Braunwyn’s demand that they pay her legal fees, instead demanding that they each pay their own.

He also asks the court to waive his court fees, but they refused because he has “sufficient income to pay reasonable court fees.”

Braunwyn and Sean, who both cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their divorce, have agreed to share the children as they are both seeking joint legal and physical custody.

Her children — Bella, 22, Rowan, 20, Jacob, 17, twins Caden and Curren, 9, Koa, 8, and Hazel, 4 — are “week-in, week-off” with each of their parents, according to documents.


Braunwyn noted, “Until recently, the defendant and I have communicated well about our children’s needs and have had a successful co-parenting relationship.

“We have been able to implement a nesting system where one parent stays with the children in the family home every two weeks to provide them with a stable and consistent environment.

“This order worked well until the defendant was served with the subpoena and petition in this matter.”

She then claimed Sean had become “increasingly aggressive” towards her, and not only that, his girlfriend, whose name was not released, had also become aggressive, “texting me with threats and calling me very derogatory names.”

Braunwyn, who is now dating Jennifer Spinner, says she will present the texts she received from Sean in court.

She further explained: “While I do hope that the defendant and I can resume a good, cooperative and communicative co-parenting arrangement, until and unless that happens, I believe it may be in the best interests of the children, primarily.” to live with me and we have periods of detention with the respondent where we can maintain separate homes and create a healthier and less angry environment for the children.

“I would hope that this is just a transitional period in which we can learn to move forward in a cooperative and consensual manner.”

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In an exclusive statement to The US Sun, Braunwyn and Sean shared: “As many separated people can understand, things were troubling for everyone in the early stages of our divorce. However, we are working together on a way forward, not just for the sake of us kids, but for the integrity of a 25+ year camaraderie. We look forward to spending the holidays with our children.”

The Burkes will work things out in a court-ordered arbitration to be held in January, followed by a scheduled hearing in February 2023.

Braunwyn and Sean have taken many luxury family trips during their 23-year marriage


Braunwyn and Sean have taken many luxury family trips during their 23-year marriagePhoto credit: Instagram
The former couple have seven children together


The former couple have seven children togetherPhoto credit: Instagram
Braunwyn is now dating girlfriend Jennifer Spinner


Braunwyn is now dating girlfriend Jennifer SpinnerCredit: Braunwyn Winham-Burke/Instagram

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