‘RHOM’ Lisa Hochstein is reportedly seeking alimony amid divorce

Lisa Hochstein has asked the court to force her estranged husband Lenny Hochsteinto pay their alimony and temporary child support.

She said her current salary from The Real Housewives of Miami isn’t enough to support her and her two children. She also claimed that the surgeon’s multimillion-dollar income was enough to enable him to fulfill her desires.

The couple split in May 2022 amid rumors of infidelity on Lenny’s side, which he has vehemently denied.

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Lisa Hochstein sues for alimony from estranged husband

Instagram/Lisa Hochstein

Lisa has made new claims in court to get her estranged husband Lenny to pay her child support after their split last year.

In the lawsuit, she claimed that her compensation for “Real Housewives of Miami” was “woefully insufficient” to care for her two children, Logan and Elle, and to pay for her lifestyle. The salary was listed as $30,000 per episode, according to court documents filed in October 2022.

Lisa also described her tenure on the Peacock series as “part-time” compared to Lenny’s work as a surgeon, which reportedly makes him millions of dollars a year.

“She was primarily a homemaker and mother throughout the parties’ marriage,” the lawsuit continues page six. “[Lenny] has a substantial and substantial net worth, making millions of dollars a year [a] successful plastic surgeon.”

The documents also state: “Without [Lenny’s] Contribution, [Lisa] cannot meet the needs and necessities of life as determined during marriage.”

She wants her marital residence

Lisa Hochstein created troll accounts to slam her estranged husband's friendInstagram/Lisa Hochstein

Lisa is also asking the court to force Lenny to continue paying for medical, dental and other uncovered insurance for herself and the children. This is in addition to her request for temporary child support for the children, which she wishes to have paid backdated to the filing date.

Since the ‘RHOM’ star split from Lenny, she has remained in the residence they once lived in, despite the prenuptial agreement which says she is to vacate the house.

According to her lawsuit, Lisa appears to have no plan to vacate the home, as she also filed for the court to grant her “exclusive use and occupancy” for herself and the children.

“[Lenny] has the means and has already built an alternative, luxurious residence,” says a portion of the surviving court documents page six. A hearing to decide on the above petitions is scheduled for April 19.

Lenny criticizes Lisa’s claims

Instagram/Lisa Hochstein

In response to Lisa’s filing, Lenny stated that he had denied his estranged wife’s claims that he did not care for the family.

“I’m currently paying for everything. I even paid for her recent vacation to Colorado with the kids, but instead of a “thank you,” which I never expected, I get claims that I’m not paying for child support or health insurance. Just not true,” the surgeon continued page six.

He added: “Obviously her new attorneys, as well as her old attorney, seem to think that belittling me is a good strategy. Nothing surprises me anymore.”

However, Lisa retorted that contrary to Lenny’s claims, her boyfriend Jody Glidden paid for the holiday.

“My children remain my top priority. To be clear, Lenny didn’t pay for my trip. My boyfriend took me on vacations and even spent money on my kids’ travel and expenses while Lenny struggled to pay his cut,” she said.

Lisa explains why she and Lenny broke up


The couple split in May 2022 amid rumors of infidelity on Lenny’s side, which he has vehemently denied. Lisa admitted during the Real Housewives of Miami Season 5 reunion why they split and that her lavish lifestyle played a part.

Bravo showrunner Andy Cohen asked the reality star, “Have you had any issues with how much money you’ve been spending on your lifestyle?” She replied, “You know what? Yes.”

Lisa went on to mention that she was drunk the night her estranged husband told her he wanted a divorce. She also explained that Lenny is concerned about her social life, which she claimed is limited to going out “maybe once a month”.

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